Tie rods for Marine Structure

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The tie rod offerings from Bolin are the best suited techno-commercial solution for marine Structures like Jetties, Wharfes, Breakwaters and other marine structures.

Structural Tie Bars

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Structural Tie bar systems offered by Bolin fully meet the requirements of Eurocode design standards. Structural tie bars can be used for a variety of purposes safely transferring tensile load from one part a structure to another.

Bridge Hangers

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The optimum combination of structural efficiency and Fatigue Performance, the structural tie bars are the most preferred choice for slender and aesthetically attractive solutions for Bridge Hangers. The cold-rolled threads offered by Bolin gives an overall greater resistance to fatigue than the standard cut thread. Fatigue tests have been performed on full-scale systems to over 2 Million cycles of loading without failing.

Cross Bracings

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The agile design of tie bars allowing in situ adjustments can be used for cross bracing in a variety of ways. The modular design and ease of installation allow the fine-tuning and other minor adjustments to accommodate construction tolerances. The low maintenance and proven pedigree make the Cross Bracings offering an ideal solution for the facades and elevations.

Glass Fibre Reinforced Concrete

Glass Fibre Reinforced Concrete.jpg

Glass Fibre Reinforced Concrete (GFRC) is a versatile solution which offers substitution of many heavey components for the attractive and durable facades and architetural components. Lightweight, agile in choice of finish and long lasting, GFRC is an ideal choice for classy facades for cornices, Arches, keystones, balustrades and other intricate structures.

Steel Anchor Bolts


The stability of superstructure is one of the main aspects in the modern era when the design life is beyond 50 years. With the steel superstructures being employed by most designers for Bridges and other elevated structures, the junction of substructure and superstructure often becomes the critical zone. The high strength Anchor bolts are the most reasonable and accepted solution for this challenge

Compliant Mechanisms

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Doing less with more has been never so relevant than in recent times. The complex process mechanisms in OEM and other industrial manufacturing facilities like Oil & Gas, Engineering, Forging, casting, moulding etc involve a number of small components. Bolin offers bespoke services for optimisation and simplifying the set of components with a cutting edge material science expertise.