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Engineered Steel

We are proud partners of inventors and pioneers with Anker Schroeder (ASDO) for their marine Steel range. Having a pedigree of over a centenary in high performance engineered steel,ASDO is synonumos with heavy engineering and tie bar production. With a footprint over all the region of globe, it is one of the most sought name in anchorage systems. Based at Dortmund, Germany serving the global market,ASDO is the undisputed leader for offering value Engineered solutions for port and bridges structrures across the globe

Glass Fibre Reinforced Concrete

GFRC is getting synonymous with adventurous and durable façade systems in the Buiding and construction industry.
Samudra is an initiative on increasing the GFRC footprint with a conscious effort on sustainability and lowering the carbon footprint. We are proud to be the greenest GFRC manufacturer in India with the most advanced technologies over various processes. Our projects consist of real estate, Hotel chains, and high rise commercial properties. With a backward integrated set up of aggregates and steel, we control most of the items in our supply chain ensuring the consistency and doing justice to the bar chart.

Post Tension High Tensile Bars

India being on the wave of infrastructure development, the speed of construction is something all the stakeholders desire for. Segmental precast construction being the de-facto technology for elevated structures, the high-stress microalloy threaded bars find their suitability in various temporary applications like Bed stressing, Girder lifting, and launching and pre-stressing of the pier to segment junctions. We at Bolin are proud to be associated with the only "Make in India" manufacturer on this range. With a product line consisting of various anchorage products for geotechnical solutions, we have an established supply chain and ready to deliver stocks at our manufacturing location.

Mechanical Splicing Couplers

Alternative to the traditional lapping of bars, mechanical splicing is an accepted techology in Construction. Despite being used for more than 2 decades in the industry, there is a definate dearth of technically sound players in the industry. To bridge this gap,Bolin has parternered with the inventors of Technology in Bartec company, France who have the most advanced coupler system in Linxion-pi range.

Whilst these couplers comply to the Global Standards of Bartec Company with 100% bar-break criteria being met, these are manufactured in India to support the local customers in terms of technical,commerical and supply chain parameters.

Ground Anchors

For Ground Enginering applications, the threaded bars from SAh are the widely used and technically proven technology.

Pile Head Miller

With Brextor pile head miller, the pile cap base preparation is faster, effective and error free like never before. With the patented technology, Brextor not only makes the positive impact on the overall turnaround time and Safety, but also reduces cost,wastage and carbon footprint. 

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engineering steel
Mechanical Splicing Couplers
Ground Anchor
Pile Head Miller
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